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Show popularity chart Primrose is an English floral name derived from the Latin word rima rosa (first rose). Perhaps Paylor can be read as pale ore, hinting at a contrast with Alma Coin. When Katniss was stuck in the woods due to the electricity being on all the time, the Peacekeepers went to her house to arrest Prim and her mother to take in for questioning, but Katniss made it there after being forced to jump over the Fence. After she was reaped, Katniss wasn't able to say goodbye to Prim because of a new procedure. She worked very hard to keep Prim alive and happy, hunting for food, selling, and trading at the Hob. Although Katniss was unsure if the goat would survive, Prim loved animals and was soon able to heal Lady with her mother's help. Primrose is the only named District 12 citizen who was a part of the rebellion that died. Movie Appearances Her last name does nod to her attire: It describes a small and/or cheap ornament, something Elizabeth Banks’ costume designer has down to a T. Egeria (Sarita Chouhury): While many characters in the book didn’t make it into the movie, Egeria is the most prominent character that isn’t in the books at all. Katniss stated that Prim was the only one she was sure she loved. She entered the capitol innocent and unsuspecting, but when the games begin, could the capitol be successful in changing her into someone she is not, someone who will stop at nothing to win the games, someone who would kill. While he feigns loyalty to the Capitol, he’s more than a bit like his namesake, Mestrius Plutarchus, an essayist and historian who wrote about the virtues and vices of Coriolanus (also the name of Panem’s president) and Caesar (the name of Panem’s master of ceremonies). Male character in the novel series, "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. Katniss did everything to keep Prim safe. Katniss Everdeen had a strong relationship with her sister. Before Katniss goes to the Capitol with her squad, Katniss says her final goodbye to her family. Gale went to check the Everdeen family compartment to make sure it was clear and found Prim with Buttercup. As of Katniss' later years, she is the only Everdeen living in District 12. But her name is one of the few that gets an explanation: In a flashback, her father—who is already dead when the book begins—tells her that “as long as you can find yourself, you’ll never starve.”  The katniss plant has nourishing roots, and is also known as “arrowhead.” It belongs to the genus Sagittaria, and the constellation of the same name, Sagittarius, is also known as the archer—a fitting ode to her impressive bow-and-arrow skills. When Prim's cat Buttercup comes back to District 12 looking for her, Katniss finally lets out her grief for her sister and starts to recover. Against all odds, Prim's name is selected at the reaping. Prim loves all living creatures, even the most unsightly ones. Katniss was very protective of Prim and planned and did everything to make sure Prim wouldn't have to take tesserae so she would have a better chance of never being reaped into the Hunger Games. Prim's last word ever in the book is Katniss. Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. Prim dreamed of becoming a doctor and showed her proficiency at healing as she helped the injured during her time in District 13. Alma Coin (Julianne Moore): The president of District 13 is the leader of the rebellion. After the Capitol children barricaded at President Snow's mansion were injured by explosions caused by a hovercraft dropping parachutes (identical to the ones used by tributes' sponsors during the Games) carrying bombs that the Rebels made, Prim runs in with other District Thirteen medics, to help injured children and hears Katniss calling her name. Primrose Everdeen is the younger sister of Katniss, the heroine of the series. “Heavensbee” may hint that Plutarch’s true nature is more virtuous than he initially appears—and it’s a fitting descriptor for the gamemaker, as he’s the heavenly character looking over everything and orchestrating behind the scenes. She pledges her love to the youngest son of King Priam of Troy, but when she is sent to the Greeks, falls in love with the warrior Diomedes. Fin, short for Finnick, may also allude to his district’s specialty: fish. Later on, Peeta comes back holding what Katniss thinks are just roses, and is about to yell at him because she thought that was just another one of his hijacked actions, meant to break her, but before she does she realizes they are not normal roses but evening primrose, the flower that Prim was named for. She is named for an aquatic plant with edible underwater tubers, and lives with her mother and younger sister, Primrose Everdeen (nicknamed "Prim"). After the war, Peeta brings a series of evening primrose bushes to Katniss and they plant them around their home in District 12 as a memorial to Prim. Slate relies on advertising to support our journalism. Occupation Cinna (Lenny Kravitz): Katniss’ stylist doesn’t have a last name, but he shares his first name with a fellow artist: the poet in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar—who was mistaken for another Cinna, a politician who helped kill Caesar. The The Hunger Games quotes below are all either spoken by Primrose Everdeen or refer to Primrose Everdeen. But her medicinal remedies become essential. The Hunger Games series created many tragic, loveable, intelligent, ferocious, and rebellious characters. We do not know who was the first tribute ever reaped for the 1st Hunger Games was. Odair may be a variation on the Scottish name Adair, which means “spear.” Finnick received a trident as a gift, and it helped him win the 65th Hunger Games. Prim would always comfort and listen to Katniss and give her some advice on her problems. Prim makes Katniss promise not to try on any dresses until she gets home from school. Fate Her father, Mr. Everdeen, died in a mine explosion four years before, leaving her mother, sister, and herself alone. Prim realized he was still in her room and went there to retrieve him so he wouldn't be killed, but both of them would have died if not for Gale Hawthorne. It has Latin roots, and can mean kind and loving in that language. She competes in the 75th Hunger Games and is taken captive by the Capitol with Peeta. Prim had fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes (however, in the film, they are hazel), unlike the majority of the residents of the Seam in District 12. The Hunger Games Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. During Catching Fire, Katniss describes the day of her father's death. In Mockingjay, Katniss and Prim's relationship grew much deeper and the two become closer than ever when Katniss struggled with her fear for Peeta's safety while he was being held at the Capitol. She has a twin sister, actress Autumn Shields, and an older brother, actor River Shields. Katniss keeps Buttercup as he is the only thing left of Prim. Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin): The District 4 victor known for his dashing good looks, Finnick can, of course, be finicky about his appearance. Comments and insights on the name Prim Personal experiences with the name Prim Nicknames for Prim Meanings and history of the name Prim Famous real-life people named Prim Prim in song, story & screen. Gale and Prim seemed to have a good relationship, through Gale's best friend and Prim's sister, Katniss. While the names may seem as random as the reaping, I think there’s order in them. Katniss was willing to die for Prim and volunteered for her. After Mr. Everdeen was killed, Mrs. Everdeen all but abandoned Katniss and Prim. She has been described to have a merchant's child look, much like her mother. Alma may mean soul in Spanish, Italian, and other European languages. Who read the reaping? Despite these unfortunate secondary meanings, Rue has real potential to be one of the most popular new middle names for girls. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence): The heroine of the trilogy has what initially seems like a not-so-heroic moniker. Although Katniss and Prim love one another the two are very different, personality wise. Like before, Katniss was always trying to protect her. Primrose Catherine AndersonStuart Potter, Australian socialite and philanthropist. Katniss also notices Prim giving her coat to a small child. Primrose "Pitty Pat" DunlopAustralian socialite, daughter of Primrose Potter and Roger Dunlop. Like the character, primrose flowers are not all that hardy—they're not at the Games either. Prim relays to Katniss the information she was taught during orientation for new citizens and surmises that it was probably just a bunker missile. Willow Shields.

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