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Ex situ conservation. The decision whether or not to include ex situ management in the conservation strategy for a species should be determined by weighing the potential conservation benefit to the species against the likelihood of success and overall costs and risks of not only the proposed ex situ program, but also alternative conservation actions or inaction. INTRODUCTION In strategies of biodiversity conservation mainly two basic strategies have been proposed to ensure the future survival of endangered species. In situ and Ex situ Conservation Examples Published: January 11, 2016 In situ conservation means the conservation of ecosystems and natural habitats and the maintenance and recovery of viable populations of species in their natural surroundings and, in the case of domesticated or cultivated species, in the surroundings where they have developed their distinctive properties. These facilities not only provide housing and care for endangered species, … Also Read: National Parks and Sanctuaries. When we conserve and protect the whole ecosystem, its biodiversity at all levels is protected.E.g. [PGRFA]. In Situ Conservation Methods. In recent years, however, the need for integrated conservation strategies for PGRFA based on the complementarity of in situ and ex situ approaches has become clear. Conserving the areas where populations of species exist naturally is an underlying condition for the conservation of biodiversity. The aim of in-situ conservation is to allow the population to maintain or perpetuate itself within the community environment, […] Ex situ seed conservation. in situ conservation : it mean that the conservation of plants and animals in their natural environments ex situ conservation: conservation of animals and plants out side their natural habitats In situ strategies. It deepens an analysis of in-situ and ex-situ conservation processes. ADVERTISEMENTS: Biodiversity can be conserved in two main ways, in-situ conservation and ex-situ conservation. It is the methods of conserving all the living species in the artful habitats that reflect their natural living habitats. It deepens an analysis of in-situ and ex-situ conservation processes. In this type of conservation the threatened animals and plants are taken out from their natural habitat and placed in a special area or location where they can be protected and given special care. Having copies at the national level adds an extra layer of protection against the loss of these important genetic resources in case of gaps in management, change in preferences and use by the local community and so on. 1. Although in-situ conservation strategies provide the best long-term options for biodiversity conservation, the short-term survival of many threatened species depend on ex-situ conservation strategies. In situ conservation. Biodiversity Conservation. Sukriti Singh A0523113081 BTBM/13/242 2. In-situ conservation, the conservation of species in their natural habitats, is considered the most appropriate way of conserving biodiversity. Describe at least two approaches each for ex-situ conservation and in situ conservation as a strategy for biodiversity conservation. Seed gene banks make the easiest way to store germplasm of wild and cultivated plants at low temperature. Ex-situ Conservation Strategies: The ex situ conservation strategies include: botanical gardens, zoological gardens, conservation stands and gene, pollen, seed, seedling, tissue culture and DNA banks. Because of this fundamental difference, there is little overlap between the two strategies. There are two Methods of biodiversity conservation. Biodiversity Strategy Action Plans. Biosphere Reserves These are national governments nominated sites, large areas (often up to 5000 square km) of an ecosystem where traditional lifestyle and natural habitat of the inhabitants of that ecosystem are protected. Conservation is an ethic of resource use, allocation, and protection.

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