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Duchess of Sussex: In our Opinion section, Meghan wrote about having a miscarriage in July and suggested a question to ask loved ones in this year of loss: “Are you OK?”. Thank youTheodore Kim and Jahaan Singh provided the break from the news. Western New York state is being crippled by COVID-19, with cases increasing tenfold in the city of Buffalo in the past month alone.. Western New York is giving itself a Christmas present, as the region's positive testing rate for Covid-19 drops to its lowest level since Thanksgiving Day. “I’ve been concerned that people are not completely understanding how ventilation in the home is different than ventilation in commercial spaces or schools or hospitals,” said Dr. Miller. The day before Thanksgiving is normally one of the year’s busiest travel days. It’s not going to be one size fits all. Are virus cases on the rise in your area? “And it could have killed my children, could have killed my wife — all this, because of me.”. Propelled by a national wave of anxiety following recent terrorist attacks by Islamist extremists, two proposed laws underscore what critics have called an alarming drift toward repression in government policy. “You are creating a negative pressure inside the space, sucking air out at a higher rate.” (Don’t use a regular fan, she warns, which just moves air around the room and can increase risk to the group if someone nearby is infected.). One New York sheriff is taking a stand for those residents who live in his jurisdiction, pushing back against Democratic Gov. Health officials say they believe small home gatherings are fueling the spread of Covid-19 in part because most homes, by design, are poorly ventilated. Here’s the full list of nominees, including those for song of the year. Wish you were here: Take an armchair voyage to the museums of Paris (and their gift stores), Madrid’s vintage enclave, Copenhagen’s artisanal ceramists or the French island where that amazing flaky salt comes from. A virus surge that started in the Midwest now appears to be morphing into swift resurgences in cities like Baltimore, Los Angeles, Miami and Phoenix, adding first-time spikes in smaller cities away from the nation’s middle, like Cumberland, Md. Do: Give someone the gift of healthy living this year with one of these ideas from the writers and editors of Well. Maradona, Covid-19, Macron: Your Thursday Briefing. Here are the latest updates and maps of the pandemic. Depending on the home, weather conditions and other variables, research shows that opening multiple windows — the wider, the better, and in every room if possible — can increase the air exchange rate to as much as three times an hour. A portable air cleaner can also reduce risk, but buy an appliance large enough for the room size, or obtain multiple air cleaners for a large space. In her lifetime, Diana, the Princess of Wales, was adored by many women in Africa and the diaspora, who then passed that loyalty on to their daughters. By Bryan Pietsch. Large droplets fall to surfaces or the ground, while smaller particles, called aerosols, can linger in the air, putting everyone in the house at risk. Another no-phone zone could be the dinner table, a prime opportunity for families to put devices away for at least 30 minutes and reconnect. by Stephen Lendman … More than 300,000 Americans have died of Covid-19, and small gatherings are believed to be fueling much of the spread. Americans face new COVID-19 restrictions after Thanksgiving . Dr. Fauci, who is 79, said his three adult daughters, who all live in different parts of the country, have decided to skip the family Thanksgiving to avoid putting him and his wife at risk. Arguably the most high-profile of Democratic governors to be promoting this Scrooge-like approach to celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas is New York Gov. Nov. 30, 2020 at 11:59 am Updated Dec. 1, 2020 at 11:16 am . Not all screen time is bad, so assess which parts are toxic and impose time limits to minimize them. What we’re reading: This Esquire interview with BTS ponders masculinity, the future and world domination. Andrew Cuomo, who just today accepted the “Founders Award” during the International Emmy Awards ceremony “in recognition of his leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic and his masterful use … Space your guests so they aren’t crowded around a table. For these mothers and daughters, watching “The Crown” feels personal, writes our reporter. The latest numbers from The New York Times show a 400 daily case decrease in Missouri over the last seven days, and a 500 daily case decrease in Kansas. Uncategorized; Tags . This whole situation stinks.”. The most difficult choice you have to make this Thanksgiving may be winnowing down your guest list. “It’s going to bring down the levels of virus that might be in the air,” said Dr. Marr. Through Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, the families of more than 258,000 people who have died from COVID-19 will be feeling the loss of their loved one all the more acutely. If testing is available in your area, consider asking all guests to be tested a few days before the holiday, timing it so they get the results before coming to your home. To start, answer a series of questions to determine the potential risks of your gathering. If it’s cold outside, turn up the heat or use space heaters as needed. Serve Up Some Extra Precautions at Your Holiday Table This Year, Ask your guests to take early precautions, Don’t share serving utensils and other items. “Everyone can try to reduce the number of contacts for at least the week before the event, and do the same after as well,” said Julia Marcus, an infectious disease epidemiologist and associate professor in the department of population medicine at Harvard Medical School. I think people have a lot of wishful thinking. If an infected person joins your dinner, your risk of catching the virus increases the longer you spend time together. Do you have a vulnerable person at your family table? In terms of risk, the timing of the holiday season couldn’t be worse. That bill would ban home-schooling, flag in a database those deemed to “excuse” terrorist acts, subject organizations that receive government subsidies to a test of allegiance to “the values of the republic” and increase strictures against polygamy, which is already illegal. Meanwhile, the United States recorded more than a million new COVID … Use this online search tool from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers and read more from Wirecutter, a New York Times company. [Thanksgiving will be different this year. “I want people to understand that their homes are generally not ventilated. Andrew Cuomo took new actions Friday in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID … New York Daily News | Dec 22, 2020 at 4:01 PM . A scaled-back holiday celebration — with open windows, fewer people and a big serving of precautions. “The president should announce that he’s postponing Thanksgiving until, say, May 27,” he said. AstraZeneca’s vaccine trial suffered from multiple data and dosage errors. (Want to get this briefing by email? On the front lines: Doctors and nurses are running on empty. Published by Stephen Lendman at January 10, 2021. The U.N.’s top refugee official said on Wednesday that the rise in coronavirus infections had worsened an already extant toxic side effect of the pandemic: the abuse of refugee women and girls. That doesn’t mean no one should gather for Thanksgiving. Under normal circumstances, families across the U.S. would be gathering, some in groups of a dozen or more, on a holiday that celebrates coming together. Snapshot: Above, a pro-democracy rally in front of the Siam Commercial Bank headquarters in Bangkok on Wednesday. Words of opposition: “This law does nothing to reinforce secularism,” said Aurélien Taché, a representative in Parliament who quit Mr. Macron’s party. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday he expects to see a "significant rise" in COVID-19 cases in early December because of infections during the Thanksgiving … While those precautions won’t eliminate risk, even a few exhaust fans, combined with opened windows, can help. Many homes, in fact, are sealed up tight to make them more energy efficient. Wolfers made his remarks in a column for The New York Times on Thursday. Despite writing “shame me if you must,” a New York Times columnist has watered down a piece about his decision to travel to see family at Thanksgiving … “But this may not be the time to have a big family gathering. Public health officials urge families to keep celebrations small, avoid mixing households and open the windows. The solution? By comparison, the air in a typical home changes only about every one to two hours, said Shelly Miller, professor of mechanical engineering and a ventilation expert at the University of Colorado, Boulder. A rightward push by the French government is alarming civil-liberties advocates in France and raising questions about President Emmanuel Macron’s positioning ahead of an expected electoral challenge from the far right in 2022. A leading public health organization takes stock of U.S. testing strategy. Diego Maradona, the Argentine who became a national hero as one of soccer’s greatest players, died at 60 on Wednesday in Tigre, Argentina. Experts say too much screen time can take a toll on our mental health, depriving us of sleep and eating away at our attention. THANKSGIVING DURING A PANDEMIC Join a New York Times live event, “How to Cook Thanksgiving During a Pandemic,” at 6 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, Nov. 10. Parents had … 6. If the weather permits, try hosting all or part of your holiday celebration outdoors. Diego Maradona with the trophy after Argentina beat West Germany 3-2 in the World Cup final match in Mexico City in 1986. morphing into swift resurgences in cities, suffered from multiple data and dosage errors, had twice pleaded guilty to lying to the F.B.I. On Wednesday, New York saw more than 6,000 daily Covid cases for the first time since late April. While that may save on heating bills, it means that invisible viral particles from an infected guest or family member can build up quickly in your home or around the table as that person breathes, talks or laughs. Large-Scale Trump Regime Campaign to Push Toxic Mass-Vaxxing January 10, 2021 . Cook: This turkey tikka masala gets its deep flavors and moisture from marinating the turkey overnight in yogurt, turmeric, garam masala and garlic paste. If you have friends over for dinner and someone is infectious, aerosols can build up.”. Some will be confronting an empty seat at the dining table, and some will feel the unmistakable void left by a brother, mom, or daughter during a holiday hangout over Zoom. Most office buildings, hospitals and restaurants have mechanical ventilation systems that pull outside air inside, push stale air outside and recirculate indoor air through filters. “It’s just known that African mothers love Diana,” said Wangechi Waweru, a Kenyan rapper, whose mother was one such fan. These tragedies may seem distant from us, as part of the daily news that, sadly, fails to move us to change our agendas and priorities. New Yorkers lined up for coronavirus testing on November 29 as the city braced itself for a potential uptick in positive cases after Thanksgiving. Are guests traveling from hot spots? Thanksgiving is all about tradition - from the parade in New York to the game in Dallas, with turkey and sides somewhere in between. It depends on the vulnerability of the people you’re with and your need to protect them.”. Dr. Bitton said he knows his patients are suffering from pandemic fatigue, but he advises against socializing with non-household members for the holiday. Although there’s wide variation in how different spaces are ventilated, some hospitals, planes and new buildings may change the air as much as 12 times an hour. Simply put, the coronavirus is everywhere. One would restrict the public filming of the police, while the other seeks further restrictions against Islamism as the French government has defined it, reaching into some aspects of Muslim life. Unusually sparse crowds at LaGuardia Airport on Wednesday. Or consider a partially open space, like a screened-in porch or a garage with the door open to reduce risk. Britain will require travelers from abroad to show a negative test, then quarantine. “You don’t want to be the Grinch that stole Thanksgiving,” said Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert. THANKSGIVING DURING A PANDEMIC Join a New York Times live event, “How to Cook Thanksgiving During a Pandemic,” at 6 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, Nov. 10. The problems may mean that the company’s vaccine will not be one of those made available early. Set modest goals, such as a 20-minute limit for reading the news on weekends. Screaming and cheering increases the amount of viral particles that a person emits, so skip the big game or at least wear a mask while you’re watching it. Homes are now a main source of coronavirus transmission, accounting for up to 70 percent of cases in some areas. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of 101 households in Tennessee and Wisconsin found that people who carried the virus, most of whom had no symptoms, infected more than half of the other people in their homes.

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