flexographic printing applications

Visit our product applications page to find a product to fit your needs. In 2018, China and APECJ were pegged to be the attractive regions in the flexographic printing machine market, accounting for more than 28% of the global market share. Most flexo digital plates are exposed on a flat surface.They’d print an exact copy of the negative if it was not for the fact they have to be wrapped around a cylinder for flexo printing. We supply plates of all kinds for flexographic printing, varnishing applications and much more besides. Flexographic printing’s ability to print on a wide variety of substrates and surfaces make it an ideal method for printing on brown corrugated boxes used in shipping and storage businesses. In some applications, it becomes necessary to fuse or weld two sheets of photosensitive elements on the edges and create a seam that … FLYER. Reducing Costs with Improved Traceability, Printing Installation Arrows on Carpet Backing. various applications of flexographic printing. 3M technologies help our flexo tapes stick on the press, then demount more easily. In fact, flexographic printing inks are used for electronic product applications across a variety of markets such as the automotive, hygiene, and medical fields. 3M helps by offering a wide range of flexo tapes. All of our presses are capable of running multi-web constructions. Applications; Manufacturers; Contact; Flexographic Printing. Paper & Print Market Segments Flexographic Printing Label Printing Newspaper & Magazine Printing Paper Production Corrugated Board Production Liquid Packaging Board Production Tape Applications Plate Mounting Tapes Flexo tesa Softprint® Foam Tapes tesa Softprint® Foam Advisor tesaprint® Film and Cloth Tapes tesaprint® Cushioning Foams The main industrial printing techniques are Offset lithography, Flexography, Digital printing, Gravure, Corrugated and Screen printing. Here are some examples: Labels. Self adhesive labels are also useful in the corporate setting. Nitrocellulose based ink system for surface printing on foil and specialised paper (beer labels). The right motion solution for flexographic printing allows your business to fully benefit from using flexography. These factors make flexographic printing desirable in the printing of food packaging. A benchmark of flexibility and modularity, it qualifies for complex label applications as well as short- and medium-run flexible packaging. Flexography inks can print on many types of absorbent and nonabsorbent materials. Releases approximately 60% to 70% of true theoretical volume of Ink: Maxflo & Maxflo HD: 72 to 75 deg angle but with elongated cell pattern. Flexographic printing’s capabilities are flexible enough that they can be used on other surfaces. All rights reserved. Flexographic printing, or Flexography (often abbreviated to flexo), is a printing process that gets its name from the flexible plates it uses. Inaccurate motion solutions not only waste materials, but may be also result in an unwanted safety hazard. Advancements in flexographic printing machines for printing applications in electronic products are expected to drive the demand in regions such as APECJ, China and North America. Speed up to 1.000 m/min. Foil Stamping. The flexographic printing inks market for flexible packaging applications recorded a CAGR over 4.5% in the projected timeframe. Stripped, photopolymer or laser engraved. You can think of it as a modern day letterpress. These are not all the applications that flexographic printing can be used on. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) Flexographic printing is an ideal choice for industrial converters that make printed plastic and paper bags. 3. Vastly more efficient at releasing ink, allows use of finer engraving without loss of colour density. MyVenturePad Blog About Business and Tech. A flexographic printing plate with integrated compressible layer. Therefore, the G7 process, which is usually used in offset printing, cannot achieve gray balance.

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